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Summary: Make calls with your existing high-speed Internet connection with the plan that fits you best. Lots of great features included at no extra charge.
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If you’ve got a broadband Internet connection, Lingo is a service you can use to make Internet phone calls at significant savings over analog calling. Here’s how it works:

1. Lingo sends your phone call across the Internet.
2. Your calls go through your modem.
3. Your Lingo phone adaptor splits your high-speed broadband Internet connection.
4. Your Internet connection should work as it did before you installed the Lingo phone adaptor – sending emails and other web data to your personal computer.
5. Your phone calls are sent through your Lingo phone adaptor to your regular or cordless phone.

Ready to get Lingo? Choose a plan and sign up for service. Lingo Internet phone service offers home and office plans to meet your needs. Lingo seamlessly uses your broadband connection to make and receive calls and gives you low international rates.

When you sign up they’ll send you a Lingo phone adaptor. Installation is easy and our Customer Care team is available by phone or by email to help if you have any questions. After installation, you’re ready to make and receive calls over your broadband Internet connection. That’s Lingo, simple Internet phone service.

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