VOIP is the latest and most will say the best thing to happen to the phone industry. VOIP lets you save hundreds of dollars a year over your regular phone bill and it’s easy to setup. Once it’s setup, you won’t even notice the difference. How VOIP works is that instead of making phone calls through your normal phone lines, it lets you make phone calls through your internet connection. That means no more long-distance charges and all the paid features such as caller-ID, call waiting, call-forwarding are now all free.

Read our reviews below and take advantage of the current coupons and promotions each VOIP program offers.

VOIP Program Reviews
VOIP Programs Ratings Summary Coupons
voipyourlife ratings:
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VoIPYourLife is a VoIP Internet Phone Provider, providing unlimited Internet Phone Calls at great rates. Free Signup
jupiterjack free ratings:
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Turn your car radio into a hands free phone. No plugs, no wires, no installation and no hands. Free Dashboard Mount
lingo ratings:
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Make calls with your existing high-speed Internet connection with the plan that fits you best. Lots of great features included at no extra charge. Free Month Free
vonage free trial ratings:
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If you want something more similiar to how your regular phone works, then Vonage is the answer. It doesn’t require a computer to be and has all the paid features you get on a regular phone bill for free. First Month Free
packet8 free trial ratings:
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Packet8 Internet Phone Service works exactly like traditional phone service with two exceptions – you pay a lot less for local and long distance calling Join Today
phone power ratings:
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Phone Power main advantage is that you can go monthly or save even more money by paying a one-time yearly bill. Features such as caller-id, call-waiting are all included with their service. Free Activation
magicjack free trial ratings:
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Stop paying monthly phone bills. The MagicJack has all the same features that you are paying for but are free with MagicJack. See why MagicJack is our top choice. Free Trial
viatalk ratings:
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ViaTalk provides the most cost effective, complete broadband phone service package available to United States residential and business customers. Get 1 Year Free
joi phone ratings:
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Joi Phone is another great alternative if you’re looking to save even more money. It’s cheaper than some of the other services but with the same features. Call quality can vary depending on your internet connection. Free Activation