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Summary: Dermapril-SP diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to give skin a radiant youthful look
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Matrixyl 3000™, the main active ingredient in Dermapril-SP, works by supporting the natural synthesis of the three key building blocks found in fresh, youthful skin. Mature skin often lacks a high concentration of the key elements that produce the elasticity, firmness, and smoothness (lack of wrinkle appearance) that we associate with ‘young’ skin. The exciting discovery behind Dermapril-SP is that people can now have younger looking skin by elevating the skin’s natural levels of Collagen, Fibronectin and Hyaluronic Acid, the three naturally produced elements that contribute most significantly to keeping skin young and supple. As the body ages, the production of these three elements naturally slows.

According to the clinical studies on Matrixyl 3000™, the long-term cumulative results begin almost immediately and are easily noticeable within weeks:

33% decrease in the appearance of wrinkle density
23% decrease in the appearance of wrinkle volume
20% decrease in the appearance of wrinkle depth

Argatensyl™, the secondary active ingredient in Dermapril-SP, comes from the kernel of the Argan tree which is indigenous to southern Morocco. Resembling an olive tree, the oil extracted from the fruit of the Argan has been used for centuries by local populations for skin and hair care treatments. Clinical testing shows a measurable decrease in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that is visible just minutes after application, upon being absorbed into the skin.

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