– In a world of bland, impersonal gifts, is shaking things up. A privately held company with offices in San Francisco, OneShare makes it easy for everyone to give the best gift of all: real stock ownership. They believe that owning official shares in a favorite company represents a fresh, exciting connection to the brands people love.

The idea — real stock as a gift was first hatched by Lance Lee, a broker who often found himself being approached by friends, parents, and neighbors wishing to give stock to their children and loved ones. As he tried to help his friends with their gifts, Lance soon discovered that giving stock was much too expensive and time consuming for most people.

Determined to simplify the process, he developed a fun, easy, affordable way for everyone to give shares of real stock. And in 1996, OneShare was born.

To date, OneShare has served more than 360,000 customers, all over the world.

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