Why We Made This Site
CouponsandReviews was created to help you find the best coupons for anything that you’re looking for and to give you all the information you’ll need before making your decision. We know there are so many different choices out there for one single thing so we hope this will make things easier for you.

Save money by using the coupon codes that we find. Learn more by reading our reviews and then make the best decision for you.

Who We Are
I almost said a few years ago but how about almost 10 years ago, I was looking for information about certain products and ofcourse looking for a deal but it was hard to find what I wanted. So I thought..why not start up a website and see if it’ll help out other people. 10 years gone by and this website has grown and kinda forgotten but now we’re back and we’re going to make this a site that people like you will find useful.

This website is founded by Johnny L. (that’s me!) and I’m the main contributor to this website. I’ve been slowly growing my team of writers and researchers and my goal is to provide a thoughtful review and try to find the best deal for you. We’ll cover a variety of products and services as we continue to grow.

What’s Coming Up?
We’re constantly adding new categories and topics to the website, but if you do have something you want to suggest, please let us know and our team will start to work on it for you!

Thanks for visiting CouponsandReviews!